Management Accounting

Management Accounting is an area of expertise for us here at Farrell Accounting

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We Prepare Accounts

For your business or company. The accounts can be prepared on a monthly / quarterly / half yearly basis. We are flexible to suit your business. 

Generally, these accounts normally take the form of a detailed Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet. These can often be a real eye opener, allowing you to see where the company’s expenditure is going. You can get a really good grasp of outgoings and see where savings can be made. 

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We Are Flexible

And then monitor these against the actual performance. Often it can be easy to turn a blind eye to expenses, however seeing everything in black and white can really help you to see where changes need to be made.

These insights into a business are invaluable and can really help your business to grow. Adverse variances will be highlighted and remedial action can be taken quickly.

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We Review

We can also review existing accounting software packages to see how effective and efficient it is. If your system is dated, or you do not have accounting software, we can suggest an appropriate package for your business.

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We Are Flexible

Our management accounting is suitable for all types of businesses, everybody from a sole trader, right up to a medium sized business. We cover all business sectors including Tradesmen, IT, Logistics, Retail, Hospitality, Catering, Infrastructure, Heath and Beauty, Tourism Etc.

Management Accounting is an area of expertise for us here at Farrell Accounting